10 Movies With Most Deadliest Women of Cinema

3º – To Die For (Gus Van Sant, 1995)Based on a real story, the film tells the story of a woman in her obsessive search for success as a television personality. Directed by Gus Van Sant, ‘To Die For’ plays in a tragic way with the conception of life in a traditional society.


2º – Head-On (Fatih Akin, 2004)The film tells the story of two self-destructive young people who, by mere chance, know each other and start a relationship. However, the erratic ties of both in the world are aggravated when together, making the relationship between the two something impossible. Directed by the great Fatih Akin, ‘Head-On’ is an intense work, showing a branch of life little evidenced in cinema.


1º – Ex Machina (Alex Garland, 2014)A talented youngster is selected to participate in an artificial intelligence development program in a completely isolated place. In the place, little by little, the young man will perceive the intensity of his function, as well as seeing strange things emerge in the environment. Working with the philosophical concept of the will to power, the film uses the figure of a robot to explain basic and instinctive precepts about the human origin.