10 Movies to Watch That Will Increase Your Mindset


6º – Dying Young (Joel Schumacher, 1991)In the plot, a young woman accepts a job as a nurse, serving a man with cancer at an advanced stage. Together, the two will develop a strong relationship, having to face the figure of the illness of the man who leaves everything more suffering. Light and sad, ‘Dying Young’ is a film that manages to bring unpleasant elements of life in a palatable way to the spectator, using a lot of Julia Roberts’ talent (still in the initial phase of her fabulous filmography) to give weight to the compendium of scenes and situations.


5º – Braveheart (Mel Gibson, 1995)Studying the aspect of revenge intrinsic to the human being, ‘Braveheart’ presents us with a grandiose history in all its fragments. A truly memorable film, bordering on the nickname of masterpiece, worth every second of its almost 3 hours of duration. Here, too, is the opportunity to see Mel Gibson’s best works at the head of direction and acting.

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