10 Movies That Will Make You Cry Your Heart Out

7º – Ghost (Jerry Zucker, 1990)After her partner is murdered in a robbery, a young woman has to rebuild her life. However, after a medium comes to her claiming that the ghost of her dead partner is present, she begins to question everything she had for sure in her life. ‘Ghost’ is a film that will surely take several tears away from you. Your dense and exciting story moves with every scene you overcome, and you even know how to work with comic passages that can mix certain feelings in the viewer. Highlights include the performances of Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore leading the protagonists.


6º – Philadelphia (Jonathan Demme, 1993)A man with HIV is fired from his job because of his illness. Seeking justice, he decides to hire the services of a great lawyer, starting a lawsuit against the company where he worked. The film studies the roots of prejudice in a contemporary society, showing how this erratic arch can even come from harmed individuals. Good option for all audiences.


5º – Stand by Me (Rob Reiner, 1986)A group of friends decides to embark on a journey in search of a body lost in the forest. During the journey, the friends will discover more about themselves and about the tenuous and ephemeral ties that unite them. Nostalgic, ‘Stand by Me’ moves the viewer to bring a small portrait of the tangle of situations that comprises the apparatus of childhood in the human being, showing the discoveries, pleasures and pains of the period, always appreciating for evidencing, in particular, the figure of friendship.


4º – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Michel Gondry, 2004)The adventures and setbacks of a couple are distinguished by this film, always against the backdrop of a non-chronological aura of scenes that demand the maximum from their spectator. Here, Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet play characters quite different from those they have consummated in their films, in a dense and visually impeccable drama.

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