10 Movies That Will Make You Cry Your Heart Out

We’ve brought movies that will make you shed tears from beginning to end on this list. Listed below are emotionally difficult works with powerful and often extremely sad plots that make viewers go to tears. The films study themes such as the horrors of war, the figure of death, the difficult process of mourning in the human being, social prejudice and so on. Let’s go to the list!


10º – Come and See (Elem Klimov, 1985)The film tells the cruel story of a young teenager who enters the world of World War II defending the Soviet force. Disturbing and sad in all its aspects, ‘Come and See’ is one of the most striking works ever produced about wars and their rotten roots. A film that is certainly not recommended for all audiences and that will make you very uncomfortable during its 142 minutes of projection.


9º – Paddleton (Alex Lehmann, 2019)Two lonely middle-aged friends have to face the figure of death when one of them discovers that he has a short life span. A fun and touching comedy, ‘Paddleton’ builds a simple and punctual plot, studying his two misfit central characters in a pleasant way. A good film about life, the imminence of death and the beauty of human subjectivity.


8º – Stepmom (Chris Columbus, 1998)The story follows the nuances between two children and their new stepmother. We will see a whole tangle of situations emerge from the troubled relationship between them, with the mother of the children as an active part of the story, a woman opposed to the presence of the stepmother in the lives of her children. ‘Stepmom’ is simple, exposing a plot with the traditional outcomes and clichés. However, the film stands out for the presence of Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon, who give a completely different dynamic to what is proposed.

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