10 Movies For Those Who Cry Easily

Do you ever go to tears after watching a sad movie? Well, then this list will bring you hours and hours of many tears. Here, we’ve listed ten incredible movies for the weepers on duty. They are films that fit exclusively into the genres of drama and romance, with options that work on the most diverse themes, alternating between sad visions of life and moving endings. Let’s go to the list!


10º – Rabbit Hole (John Cameron Mitchell, 2010)A couple tries to reconnect with the things in life after their son dies in an accident. Nurturing a melancholic aura for the unfolding of the story, ‘Rabbit Hole’ is rustic and sad in its scenes, not attenuating the unpleasant compendium of central characters. Nicole Kidman takes charge of the film, giving the viewer an intense and moving performance.


9º – Marriage Story (Noah Baumbach, 2019)The film brings the turbulent story of a couple engaged in a degenerative process in their relationship. We will see all the problems in which both individuals are inserted, the question of time reaching each one in a certain way and also the figure of the family always acting by influencing each behavior. The ‘Marriage Story’ moves and enchants the spectator, counting on an irrecoverable script, a safe and exaggerated direction and a unique cast, with the presence of Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver as protagonists.


8º – Atonement (Joe Wright, 2007)Based on Ian McEwan’s novel ‘Atonement’ is a film that studies the bonds that engender the human being and the world, bringing fascinating characters involved in issues beyond reason, always with the figure of romance and passion very strong in history. The film also features incredible performances by its protagonists, actress Keira Knightley and actor James McAvoy.

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