10 Movies About Happiness

This list brings ten films that smash the search for happiness exposed by common sense in the social realm. They are films that treat the concept of happiness as something detrimental to the full development of an individual in a society, causing it to have its subjectivity ignored in favor of a collective will. Some films in the list also explain how the concept resembles the development of psychopathologies in the individual by this lack of choices.


10º – Her (Spike Jonze, 2013)In the near future, a man, wrapped in a solitary society, develops a relationship with an operating system made to give comfort to people dissatisfied with their current realities. ‘Her’ spells out a social hypocrisy about the concept of happiness, where the word is ‘preached’ as a purpose for human life, but in a palpable reality we will never have a movement of this scope to provoke this ‘status’ in the individual.

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9º – The Truman Show (Peter Weir, 1998)A man inserted in a reality that had as perfect, discovers that his life, in fact, had been a great farce, coming to question everything that had as it was known in its routines. Here we will see how human life is flexible for many senses. The meeting of a reason to follow the steps on the world is seen as simple and often controllable.

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