10 Most Unexpectedly Sad Movies Ever Made

7º – Brainstorm (Lais Bodanzky, 2000)After his parents discover that he uses drugs, a young man is admitted to a recovery institution. However, what should improve the boy’s condition only destroys his subjectivity. Bicho de Sete Cabeças’ is a potent, unappealing study of Brazil’s psychiatric institutions, denouncing a destructive model in this compendium when treating human beings.


6º – The Green Mile (Frank Darabont, 1999)A prison guard ends up forming a strong bond of friendship with one of the prisoners of the place, changing his way of looking at the world and society. Waiting for a Miracle’ will take tears from you from the beginning to the end of your projection, elevating a story that ranges from positive moments to extremely sad ones. The film also features two unrecoverable performances by actors Tom Hanks and Michael Clarke Duncan.

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