10 Most Unexpectedly Sad Movies Ever Made

We’ve listed ten heartbreaking movies that are sure to thrill you for you to watch. Below, we seek to include films that work on difficult themes, whether for viewers or for the characters themselves, exhibiting serious discussions about issues that are important to a society. These are great movies that will get you “hooked” for a long time on your incredible stories. Let’s go to the list!


10┬║ – Pain and Glory (Pedro Almod├│var, 2019)In the plot, a film director has a cathartic journey in relation to his past and his problematic present, discovering more about himself. ‘Pain and Glory’ moves the viewer by the sensitivity with which he chooses to bring each fragment of scene and history. A sweet film that provokes the spectator to reflect on his or her own existence in the world. Pedro Almodovar’s masterpiece.

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