10 Most Underrated and Forgotten Movies of All Time


2º – Frequency (Gregory Hoblit, 2000)An old radio is the gateway of communication between a son and a father, containing a time lapse of 30 years between each individual. The film gains its substance when the son tries to prevent his father’s death through communication with the past. ‘Frequency’ is productive in its proposal, bringing to the viewer a dynamic plot that leaves us tense every minute exceeded.


1º – Three O’Clock High (Phil Joanou, 1987)A clumsy teenager ends up getting into a fight with a bully from his school, being summoned to a fight with the guy at 3pm. The film gains its substance by showing all of the paranoid aura that the teenager understands during the hours before the fight. Amusing to each scene transposed to the viewer, ‘Three O’Clock High’ may be little remembered nowadays, but it was part of many people’s childhood in the afternoons of the ‘afternoon session’, with its classic dubbing that attributes even more quality to the film.