10 Most Underrated and Forgotten Movies of All Time

4º – House of Games (David Mamet, 1987)A woman decides to investigate the intricacies of clandestine gaming in obscure bars. Involved in this new reality, the woman will notice herself more and more involved with the game of deception that evidences that instance of the world. However, to the woman’s misfortune, all that reveals itself as a house of cards about to collapse, putting her sanity at risk. ‘House of Games’ is a pearl of the 1980’s, bringing an involving and always exciting story, studying a niche of society little observed.


3º – The Station Agent (Tom McCarthy, 2003)A man born with dwarfism decides to leave his life in a big city behind after his boss dies and leave him a residence in an isolated city. ‘The Station Agent’ governs the events of his plot under a melancholic aura, exploring characters who deal with suffering every day in their lives. However, far from being sad in its completeness, this film shows how setbacks are part of human life, providing a pleasant look to the exacerbated instances of our daily lives.

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