10 Most Underrated and Forgotten Movies of All Time

6º – Cruising (William Friedkin, 1980)A police rookie accepts a mission to work undercover on a dangerous project chasing information about a serial killer who attacks gays. In the midst of this mission, the man will have problems in his private life due to the events of the investigation, starting to flirt with a psychological instability that can put everything at risk. Directed by William Friedkin, ‘Cruising’ is a quality investigative thriller, exploring a plot with positive and negative sides, gaining in quality by the presence of Al Pacino in command of the central character.


5º – Owning Mahowny (Richard Kwietniowski, 2003)A bank manager, addicted to gambling and the casino environment, begins to see his life enter an inexorable degenerative process when he decides to take an exorbitant amount of money from where he works. Little known, ‘Owning Mahowny’ is a pearl of cinema. Here, we can take a pessimistic view of the compendium related to gambling and casinos, also providing us with a fabulous performance by actor Philip Seymour Hoffman.

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