10 Sci-Fi Movies to Watch Right Now

3º – eXistenZ (David Cronenberg, 1999)In the not so distant future, game designer Allegra Geller is making an exhibition of her latest work. Well-known in between, Allegra seems to be loved by those around her. The film’s plot will quickly take shape after the woman suffers an assassination attempt and has to run away from her pursuers in order to save her new million-dollar production. All this with the help of Ted Pikul, a guard who was at the event at the time of the assassination attempt. Everything we talk about this science fiction will sound shallow. This film by master David Cronenberg brings the best of the sci-fi genre to offer.


2º – Invasion of the Body Snatchers (Don Siegel, 1956)Wrapped in a reality of a small American city, a common man begins to suspect, after finding some bizarre cocoons, that the inhabitants of the place are being replaced by aliens, ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ remains current even several decades after its release, bringing an unretouchable plot, an incredible unleashing of scenes and the sci-fi theme being explored in a brilliant way.


1º – Limitless (Neil Burger, 2011)A mediocre writer discovers the existence of a pill that provides him with a limitless expansion of his brain’s capacity. After becoming addicted to the pill and seeing his private life change for the better, the man will begin to face problems with his rivals and with his body, which begins to present physical limitations. Surprisingly, ‘Limitless’ is far from being the superficial film that your synopsis and poster indicate, providing the viewer with 105 intense minutes that completely capture our attention.