10 Sci-Fi Movies to Watch Right Now


9º – 2001: A Space Odyssey (Stanley Kubrick, 1968)The film is inserted in the meanders of the evolution of humanity, rescuing different periods of our history and building future events. Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece, this film demands a lot from its spectator due to its slow rhythm, becoming tiresome in some moments, but rewarding those who watch it end.


8º – Annihilation (Alex Garland, 2018)In the plot, a biologist agrees to be part of an expedition to a possibly extraterrestrial area of the earth. In the company of some women, the biologist will begin to experience the strangest experiences in that area, questioning the meaning of her existence. Starting from a frightening proposal, ‘Annihilation’ blends science fiction, drama and terror in an irreproachable way.

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