10 Most Memorable Action Movies of the 1980s


9º – Cyborg (Albert Pyun, 1989)Placed in an apocalyptic future, the plot is simple, showing the journey of a man in an attempt to bring a cyborg capable of saving humanity to a certain place. Little known, ‘Cyborg ‘ is short, has few dialogues and a shallow plot. However, the execution of the scenes, as well as the dynamism given to the work, manages to capture the spectator’s attention from beginning to end.


8º – Above the Law (Andrew Davis, 1988)A policeman has to deal with a corrupt corporation, deciding to face a big criminal conspiracy alone, breaking all the rules of his profession. The first film in the career of actor Steven Seagal is, in fact, the best of his entire career. Today hidden and forgotten, ‘Above the Law’ is a great film, showing the struggle of a man for justice in the midst of a corrupt society by its citizens.

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