10 Most Confusing Movies Ever Made


9º – Eraserhead (David Lynch, 1977)We will follow the day by day of a strange man exposed to the most diverse setbacks, like fight with neighbors, confusions with his girlfriend and etc. Disturbing, ‘Eraserhead’ is simply the work that revealed David Lynch to the world. Its almost incomprehensible and permeated by nuances is only a detail, the cool thing here is to be able to see the creative capacity of Lynch, even with a tiny budget.


8º – Pi (Darren Aronofsky, 1998)An unfit mathematician tries to find the solution to a riddle that he thinks can change the universe. Sumptuous and confused, ‘Pi’ delights in its aesthetic construction that works by bothering the viewer, using a black and white style with several disturbing jacks.

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