10 Monster Movies To Watch That Are Really Great

4º – Critters (Stephen Herek, 1986)A small quiet town is the target of deadly aliens who begin to make several victims around the site. Now it will be up to a lazy sheriff and a small boy to save the people of that town. ‘Critters’ is a pearl of the 1980’s, using that unique blend of terror and comedy, common at the time, to bring the many incredible elements of history.


3º – Species (Roger Donaldson, 1995)Scientists are looking for an alien who has assumed the identity of a beautiful young girl to avoid the extinction of her species. A great success of the 1990s, ‘Species’ attracted the attention of the general public for its sci-fi charge mixed with terror and for its beautiful alien protagonist, played by actress Natasha Henstridge in the role of her life. A film that may have aged a bit in its effects and plot beat, but is still worth watching.

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