10 Intelligent TV Shows To Watch at Least Once in Your Life

6º – Six Feet Under (2001-2005)The daily life of a family that owns a funeral home is unraveled by the series, showing the anguish and pleasures of each member exposed there, besides making an almost poetic counterpoint between living and dying. ‘Six Feet Under’, no doubt, is one of the highest quality series ever produced. It is an irreversible drama, with memorable characters and episodes that move us.


5º – Dexter (2006-2013)A psychopath decides to concentrate his murderous impulse only on those people who promote evil, that is, he only kills bad people. So the series will walk during its eight seasons, working to tell the trajectory of this unusual character. ‘Dexter’ made a gigantic noise during the time he was on the air, leaving fans of the series obsessed with the story and the sense of confusion that governs each episode.

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