10 Intelligent TV Shows To Watch at Least Once in Your Life


8º – Dark (2017-2020)Complex, the series explores dark and unexplained events in a small German city. Nurturing time travel, parallel universes and various other concepts, ‘Dark’ is that series to play with and not think about anything else. A grateful recent surprise in the world of series and worth every minute invested by the viewer. The series has already reached its end and has three incredible seasons.


7º – OZ (1997-2003)Over six seasons we will explore the rustic day to day of a prison, knowing a little about the people who run the place and the prisoners who live there. Disturbing, ‘OZ’ is a series that innovated its medium when it was launched by HBO in the late 1990s. Fascinating stories are told, and a glimpse of the hard part of existence is unraveled to the viewer.

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