10 Intelligent Movies About Society

We have listed ten intelligent films about the current reality of society. They are works of drama, comedy and suspense, working with characters involved in situations that challenge a basic conception of morality and study this exacerbated siege contained in a traditional Western society. It is also worth saying that all the films indicated are great works in a general sense and provoke a more critical thought in the spectator at their end. Let’s get to the list!


10º – Disconnect (Henry Alex Rubin, 2012)Fragmented into several stories, the film presents the sometimes destructive importance of the figure of technology in the lives of various people. Rustic in its attacks, ‘Disconnect’ is a delight to the viewer who likes a more visceral cinema, elevating a sad story and that ends up offering few positive elements about the human siege in the world. A true pearl of 21st century cinema.


9º – Citizen Ruth (Alexander Payne, 1996)A woman who is completely maladjusted, living in poverty and with a drug addiction, discovers, after being arrested, that she is pregnant. The film gains its substance when an anti-abortion religious group pays the woman’s bail and decides to take care of her until the child is born. Belonging to Alexander Payne’s cinema, ‘Citizen Ruth’ is a comedy that escapes the common sense of the genre, with a dose of humor inherent to its scenes and that takes advantage of the talent of its protagonist, played in an unretouchable way by actress Laura Dern.


8º – Celebrity (Woody Allen, 1998)The film is divided into several different short stories referring to the world of celebrities, exploring the forms of social exchange found by those people. A less relevant work inside Woody Allen’s brilliant filmography, ‘Celebrity’ uses a dynamic tone when working with a story with its good and bad moments.

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