10 Inspiring Dustin Hoffman Movies

7º – Marathon Man (John Schlesinger, 1976)In the plot, an ordinary student finds himself involved, by mere chance, in a spy game that could cost his life. ‘Marathon Man’ brings the best of the 1970s, with a dense story, mysterious characters and tortuous conclusions for its layer of scenes.


6º – Midnight Cowboy (John Schlesinger, 1969)A young man from a small town decides to try life in a big metropolis, hoping to improve the quality of his daily life and find good jobs. However, the reality of the place turns out to be much less pleasant than he expected. Now it is up to him to overcome the difficulties encountered, relying on the help of a frustrated con man. ‘Midnight Cowboy’ is sad to explicitly bring the way that the human being is psychologically shaken when facing a very big frustration. However, more than that, it shows how we manage to overcome the most diverse difficulties when we decide to join the figure of camaraderie.


5º – Straw Dogs (Sam Peckinpah, 1971)A young couple decide to live in a small rural town in England. However, what should be a quiet place, turns out to be a real hell after they are constantly attacked by city residents. Controversial in all their attacks, ‘Straw Dogs’ has a rustic and uncomfortable history, offering no positive aspects about the human apparatus in the world.


4º – The Meyerowitz Stories (Noah Baumbach, 2017)We will follow the story of a maladjusted family, understanding the way three brothers deal with the exaggerated figure of their father. Alternating comedy and drama, the film shows the degree of normality in some difficult instances of life, such as death, illness and abandonment, never attenuating the concepts worked out. An excellent film, also with a masterly performance by legendary Dustin Hoffman.

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