10 Important Movies About Modern Society

3º – The Truman Show (Peter Weir, 1998)Surrounded by a routine of inexorable habits, a man, by mere chance, ends up realizing that his whole life was a great lie and his day-to-day life was, in fact, all programmed and controlled by a kind of television show. Now, it’s up to him to go after the whole truth behind this story: ‘The Truman Show’ is different in its arc of history, promoting the most diverse situations, provoking a sense of reevaluation of life on the part of those who watch the film.


2º – The Hatter’s Ghost (Claude Chabrol, 1982)We will follow in the footsteps of a French serial killer in the midst of the provincial reality of a small town. What the film shows is exactly this initial phase in a murderer’s tenebrous career, capturing the months in which that man begins his attacks on young people during the night. All the substance of the film is contained in the relationship of this serial killer with his quiet neighbor, a man who is almost certain of the macabre hobby that his colleague is in. Wooing the nickname of a masterpiece, ‘The Hatter’s Ghost’ is a film on the theme of serial killers that escapes common conceptions, working more with the aspect of the drama contained in its central characters. An indispensable film by the great Claude Chabrol.


1º – Monsieur Hire (Patrice Leconte, 1989)In the plot, a lonely middle-aged man spends the free part of his days spying on his beautiful neighbor through the window. The film gains its dynamism when a murder occurs in the vicinity of this man’s building and he is seen as a suspect by the police. However, not everything is as it seems, and the plot of the movies will lead us to fantastic surprises. A masterpiece of French cinema, ‘Monsieur Hire’ is that typical film that makes us think about what we saw for several days after it ended. A work that deserves to be tasted by the viewer in all its ephemeral 81 minutes of projection.