10 Haunting Ghost Movies That Will Really Scare You

3º – Wind Chill (Gregory Jacobs, 2007)In the plot, a student decides to hitch a ride with a young man who studies in the same place to visit his family. With a strong winter as a backdrop, the two begin their long journey. The problem is that the decision in the middle of a little known shortcut will trigger a series of extreme events. Unfortunately little valued, ‘Wind Chill’ is a great horror movie. Nurturing a frightening and icy atmosphere, this film has a plot full of twists and turns that make the viewer completely obsessed with the events of each scene.


2º – The Blair Witch Project (Daniel Myrick, 1999)Three students decide to make a documentary about a haunted forest and verify a legend about the witch who lives there. As the students advance through the forest, strange events begin to hatch, causing them to enter a mental game for their survival. Forerunner of a new form of horror, with the now popular “found footage”, ‘The Blair Witch Project’ ends up, in fact, making a good film and a great experience within the genre, even if some things look out of place these days.


1º – The Legend of Hell House (John Hough, 1973)A group of paranormal experts and researchers are convinced to try to prove the existence of paranormal phenomena in an abandoned mansion marked by tragedies. In place, they all begin to witness strange things, putting in doubt everything they had as true in their lives. ‘The Legend of Hell House’ brings a macabre soundtrack, an intelligent plot, characters that divide, scenes that provoke shivers and, at best, the figure of an abandoned mansion that is very well used in each scene.