10 Greatest Train Movies Ever Made

Today we brought one of the most requested themes: films that happen inside trains. All the indicated works consume most of their plots inside a train, elevating their figure as of paramount importance for the development of history. They are films of different genres, such as suspense, terror, action, comedy and drama, and seasons, always valuing, beyond the figure of the theme of this list, for quality options and that work to capture the attention and entertain their spectator. Let’s go to the list!


10º – The Lady Vanishes (Alfred Hitchcock, 1938)During a train trip, a woman realizes that an old lady she had seen inside the place had mysteriously disappeared. The film will concentrate its 96 minutes of duration working on this mystery: ‘The Lady Vanishes’, like much of Alfred Hitchcock’s filmography, is a class on how to build an irresistible suspenseful atmosphere. A film that can remain dynamic even if it adheres to few environments.


9º – Terror Train (Roger Spottiswoode, 1980)Some college students decide to celebrate the end of college at a big party aboard an old tourist train. However, what should only be fun turns out to be a real nightmare when a psychopath begins to exterminate several of the crew in an act possibly linked to a cruel event in the past. Unappreciated in the interior of the great 1980s, ‘Terror Train’ is an irresistible film of its kind. The idea of bringing the scene of horror into a moving train falls perfectly into the proposed slasher aura, with a unique creation of a jealous atmosphere. The film also has as its protagonist the muse of horror cinema at the time, the beautiful and talented Jamie Lee Curtis.


8º – Narrow Margin (Peter Hyams, 1990)In the plot, a prosecutor is tasked with the mission of locating a witness to a crime that could lead a mafia boss to prison. The problem is that he is not the only one behind the girl, leading her to undertake, along with her, a frantic escape inside a large train. Regular when we look at the work as a whole, ‘Narrow Margin’ has positive moments of action and suspense that manage to overcome the figure of his weak script. However, it is worth saying that the highlight of the film is the presence of actor Gene Hackman as the protagonist.

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