10 Greatest Robert Mitchum Movies

3º – Out of the Past (Jacques Tourneur, 1947)Living in a small town, building a whole new journey in the world, a man will see his past rise from the ashes to haunt him and compromise his future. ‘Out of the Past is a pearl of the noir cinema of the 1940s, exploring an engaging story, an assertive direction and a fantastic cast in its central arch, with the presence of Robert Mitchum and Jane Greer.


2º – The Yakuza (Sydney Pollack, 1974)A private detective decides to return to Japan to help a friend who had had his daughter kidnapped, facing the great local mafia, ghosts of his past in place and the inexorable figure of time. ‘The Yakuza’ is grandiose from the first to the last scene, giving a different look to the neo-noir subgenre in an intelligent plot that impresses every minute surpassed. One of the greatest works in the filmography of filmmaker Sydney Pollack and legendary actor Robert Mitchum. Japanese culture mixed with noir is too good.


1º – The Night of the Hunter (Charles Laughton, 1955)The film tells the story of a man who calls himself a religious, a kind of local pastor, who, however, uses the figure of religion to take advantage of the people around him. A masterpiece of the 1950s, ‘The Night of the Hunter’ is a unique film, exposing the whole rotten side of humanity, always making use of a masterly photograph, a very special atmosphere and an unforgettable performance by the legendary Robert Mitchum.