10 Greatest Robert Mitchum Movies

7º – Crossfire (Edward Dmytryk, 1947)Some military personnel investigate the mysterious death of a man and the participation of officers and soldiers in the case. Rancor’ investigates the roots and dangers of prejudice, bringing an engaging and sad story to their resolutions. A work ahead of its time that remains current even more than 70 years from its launch.


6º – Cape Fear (J. Lee Thompson, 1962)Years after having defended a client from a horrible crime without success, a lawyer finds himself persecuted by that man after he gets out of prison. Circle of Fear’ is a masterpiece of the 1960s. His mysterious plot is only the starting point of a journey to the dark side of the human being. A powerful film that can disturb even without many graphic elements, only with the use of a psychological terror. Of course, despite all the quality of this film, the highlight, without a doubt, goes to the clash between Gregory Peck and Robert Mitchum, who command unforgettable characters for the fan of the seventh art.


5º – Holiday Affair (Don Hartman, 1949)After causing the dismissal of an employee of a toy store in the middle of a Christmas holiday, a woman feels obliged to help the man. However, little by little, the woman begins to fall in love with the man, having to choose between his current partner and him. Two Lives Meet’ is one of the best Christmas movies ever conceived, using a simple but assertive story in its decisions. The duo, with the presence of Robert Mitchum and Janet Leigh, is the sphere that makes the film unforgettable, both with unretouchable performances.


4º – Farewell, My Lovely (Dick Richards, 1975)A private detective enters a new case, trying to find the girlfriend of a truculent man. In the middle of his investigation the detective will get involved in much more serious situations than he thought when he accepted the mission. Neo-Noir Pearl of the 1970s, ‘The Last of the Bullies’ presents the best in the genre, with an irresistible atmosphere, a plot full of twists and turns, a characteristic nihilism in his characters and the presence of one of the greatest stars of noir cinema, the great Robert Mitchum.

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