10 Greatest Popular Movies That Are Worth Your Time

7º – The Breakfast Club (John Hughes, 1985)Five adolescents, for various reasons, are being held in detention at a school. Having to stay the whole afternoon in the place, the five, each representing some stereotype of the time, will learn a little about the life stories of their companions. A film that remains current even today, showing the adolescent dramas of various layers and types of individuals.


6º – The Lion King (Roger Allers, 1994)In a society led by lions in the jungle, a king is betrayed by a member of his family and dies tragically. Now, it is up to his son to try to recover the shine of that community. ‘The Lion King’ is an animation without many fragments of humor, based more on the sense of adventure that dominates each scene, managing to work with various concepts about life in a light and didactic way.

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