10 Greatest Movies of the 1970s

3º – Dog Day Afternoon (Sidney Lumet, 1975)A bank robbery by a duo of robbers without much experience becomes a real media circus as time goes on. ‘Dog Day Afternoon’ is characterized as a shrewd drama, which knows how to resort to the most comical situations when it is necessary and is not limited to the clichés of the genre.


2º – Scarecrow (Jerry Schatzberg, 1973)Two men without a right direction in their lives know each other when they are looking for a ride. Together, the two will form a bond of friendship that will make existence more pleasant. ‘Scarecrow’ brings together no less than Gene Hackman and Al Pacino in charge of the central characters, presenting a story permeated by the most common nuances of existence.


1º – The Tenant (Roman Polanski, 1976)A man decides to rent an apartment in Paris. Little by little, the man begins to lose contact with reality inside the apartment, entering into a self-destructive paranoid routine. ‘The Tenant’ is directed and played out by the legendary Roman Polanski, bringing a rustic story, disturbing the spectator at times by the density of what is shown, distinguishing the degenerative process of a man.