10 Greatest Movie Villains of All Time

4º – The Dark Knight (Christopher Nolan, 2008)The Joker is in Gotham terrorizing the city with robberies and the like. It’s up to Batman to rid the city of the villain, while countless other setbacks and rivals stand in the way. ‘The Dark Knight’ is a movie unlike any other subgenre of superheroes. An impeccable film that transcends the limited traditional field of development of the subgenre, managing to bring the viewer a concise plot with resolutions always right.


3º – 2001: A Space Odyssey (Stanley Kubrick, 1968)In a journey through time, we will see basic points of the human constitution in the world. Tiring, the film rewards the viewer at its end, making us enter a process of re-evaluation of the definition of life. What impresses most in ‘2001 – A Space Odyssey’, however, is the impeccable way in which it was conceived, with timeless scene constructions.

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