10 Great Movies With Important Life Lessons To Learn


5º – Amélie (Jean-Pierre Jeunet, 2001)The film explores the trajectory of a young girl, maladjusted from her social environment, in the world, showing all the intricacies that comprise her unique way of acting. Coming from the great French cinema, the film has an atmosphere that uses a magical model for each resolution of history, always making itself very pleasant.


4º – Thieves’ Highway (Jules Dassin, 1949)After returning to the United States, a man discovers that his father was the victim of a coup that will take time, money and part of his health. Determined to seek revenge against the person responsible, the man begins a journey as a truck driver to find the individual. The problem is that the problems in the midst of this journey and the rotten behavior of the human being will end up making the task more difficult. Thieves Highway’ is a pearl of the 1940s. A film that denounces several of the social injustices inserted in that context of work and poverty of the time. Playing the main character, Richard Conte has the performance of his life, attributing even more quality to the work.

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