10 Great Movies With Horrible Endings

Well, in today’s list we brought a more controversial theme, with indications of ten good films with horrible endings. These are films that develop to become true pearls of the seventh art, nourishing powerful stories and that make the mission of taking your eyes off the screen practically impossible. However, as not everything is perfect, such works suffer with the most different problems in their final scenes, working to destroy or damage enough the whole positive proposal exhibited until that moment. Let’s go to the list!


10º – Secret Beyond the Door (Fritz Lang, 1947)After the death of her brother, a young woman decides to take a trip with a friend. In the middle of this trip, she will meet and fall in love with a mysterious man and marry him shortly afterwards. However, not everything is as she expected, and the man’s past and his strange hobbies will put her life in danger. Directed by Fritz Lang, ‘Secret Beyond the Door’ elevates an aura of irresistible mystery, choosing to follow a poetic narrative line in the figure of his central character that gives more weight to the tangle of scenes. A great option for cinema in the 1940s. Here, the only mistake of the work is concentrated in the final 5 minutes, when there is an extremely mistaken choice of giving a beautiful and light end to the story.


9º – Split (M. Night Shyamalan, 2016)In the plot, three teenagers are kidnapped by a man with a personality disorder. Now, it is up to them to try to save themselves and find a way to escape from the place. ‘Split’ is engaging from beginning to end, elevating a story that changes with each scene overcome, always cherishing the impact of the viewer.


8º – High Tension (Alexandre Aja, 2003)When visiting her best friend’s house, located in a small rural area of France, a young woman finds herself in an unpleasant situation when a serial killer invades the house at dawn, exterminating the whole family of that friend. Now it is up to her to survive and also to try to keep her friend alive. Owner of an intermittent tension (as its title indicates), this film is a pearl of the horror cinema of the beginning of this century. It’s 91 minutes of scares and twists, with memorable little scenes. However, far from being perfect, the film has one of the most pathetic endings of all genres, greatly diminishing the brightness of the rest of the work.

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