10 Great Movies To Watch if You Like Quentin Tarantino

3º – Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters (Paul Schrader, 1985)Using a playful atmosphere to create his work, Paul Schrader delivers here the most impressive film of his career as a director. A film that takes advantage almost exclusively of the brilliance of his script to grant the necessary substance to the work. ‘Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters’ is intense from beginning to end, always asking in its essence the basic concepts that govern the attitudes of the human being, such as the precept of the will to power, existentialism and suicide as an instrument of glorification.


2º – Jeremiah Johnson (Sydney Pollack, 1972)Seeking peace in his life, a man takes refuge in a remote place, building a family. However, he will have his tranquility taken away by acts of his past and will be forced to fight against Indians that permeate the surroundings. Directed by Sydney Pollack, ‘Jeremiah Johnson’ has a rustic atmosphere, making his story more dense. A great option from the 1970s.


1º – The Driver (Walter Hill, 1978)A skilled escape pilot finds himself in an unusual situation when a detective becomes obsessed with the last robbery in which he participated. Now, we will see a “cat and mouse game” between the driver and the detective, in which moral and ethical rules are completely absent. Interesting in his proposal, ‘The Driver’ is an excellent option in the final straight of the 1970s, using intermittent action, always surprising solutions and a truly memorable tangle of scenes.