10 Great Movies To Watch if You Like Quentin Tarantino

We’ve listed some great movies that anyone who likes filmmaker Quentin Tarantino will love in this article. These are films that have all the precepts most common to the director’s cinema, but which, of course, are not directed by Tarantino. All the indications below show a very accentuated pattern of violence, well constructed and extremely dynamic plots, irresistible misadjusted characters, a simplified study on the aspect of “evil” in the human being, besides several other characteristic details of Tarantino’s cinema. Let’s go to the list!


10º – Natural Born Killers (Oliver Stone, 1994)After a cruel and difficult childhood, Mickey and Mallory, united by simple chance, start an incomprehensible wave of unreasonable murders, leaving any place that passes in a complete state of chaos. The film brings to the viewer the vision of the human being as a product of the medium. Here, in ‘Natural Born Killers’, society simply reaps what it has planted. The work also presents a critique of the trivialization of death found in that society.


9º – Planet Terror (Robert Rodriguez, 2007)After a strange virus is released into the earth’s atmosphere, a large part of the world’s population becomes a zombie. Now, it is up to a small group of uninfected people to survive in the midst of that deadly world. ‘Planet Terror’ is unique in its construction, making use of a cinematography that gives a tone of delay to the events of the plot, an agile direction, an involving history and a cast full of great names.


8º – Cold Fish (Sion Sono, 2010)In the plot, a man finds himself in a delicate situation when his daughter is caught robbing a store. However, the owner of the store, a pleasant middle-aged man, resolves the situation calmly and invites the young woman to work there. However, not everything is as it seems, and that pleasing gentleman, as well as his family, can hide terrifying secrets. Extreme and disturbing, ‘Cold Fish’ is bold in bringing each meander of his plot into the evil on his most cruel face. Its director, the controversial Sion Sono, manages to mix several genres in a single film, resulting in a unique experience exposed to the spectator, Pearl of Japanese cinema, which, it is good to reinforce, is far from being a recommended film for all audiences, with graphic and psychological contents that make even the most accustomed to go wrong.

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