10 Great Movies About Online Life


2º – Contact (Robert Zemeckis, 1997)After years and years of study and research, Dr. Ellie Arroway finds evidence of the existence of aliens and another planet with life. Now she will start a battle to be able to decipher messages from aliens and also be part of the galactic expedition. ‘Contact’ alternates between good and bad moments, being characterized as a good science fiction and one of the most influential works of the 1990s.


1º – Cellular (David R. Ellis, 2004)A phone call is the only weapon of a woman who was abducted to save her life. All 94 minutes of this tense film focus exactly on that phone call and the situation she is exposed to. Cellular’ impresses with its intense rhythm, bringing a plot that, despite following conventional suspense-like outcomes, presents a different construction and highlights the importance of technology in today’s world.