10 Great Movies About Online Life


6º – Chef (Jon Favreau, 2014)A respected chef decides to leave his steady job in a restaurant behind and open his own business with his family, starting a food truck. ‘Chef’ is fun and interesting from start to finish. Quite dynamic, the movie, besides the very comprehensive food figure during the story, manages to elevate the aspect of technological change in the world, as the strength of social networks, leaving everything much more connected.


5º – Hardware (Richard Stanley, 1990)Taking shape in a futuristic world, the film brings the story of a group of people who end up discovering the head of a cyborg in the middle of the desert. Thinking that item was completely unused, one of them decides to take the cyborg to a friend’s apartment. The film gains its substance when the cyborg’s head comes back on, causing a real hell in that apartment. Little known, ‘Hardware’ is a different futuristic film, made with a somewhat limited budget and certainly worth the time invested by the viewer.

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