10 Great Movies To Watch About Online Life

Today we brought the technology theme to this article, listing ten films about the online world. Nowadays essential for anyone immersed in a traditional society, the internet is far from being just that model used only for entertainment, as it was spoken some 15 years ago, being important for the professional world, used to pay bills and so on. Here, we seek to bring films from different periods that highlight the most common characteristics of the online world, with their eventual dangers and also their necessity. Let’s go to the list!


10º – Cam (Daniel Goldhaber, 2018)In the plot, a camgirl, obsessed with growing in popularity in her profession, has her life completely changed when a person just like her starts to assume her identity on the internet. Little by little she loses all the life she had built, the girl starts to investigate more about the reason for all that, only discovering that the truth was perhaps heavier than she had thought. ‘Cam’ delivers an atmosphere of madness and strangeness unique to the viewer, leading us through an uncomfortable plot about current social paths in the midst of the inexorable advance of technology.


9º – Disconnect (Henry Alex Rubin, 2012)Fragmented into several stories, the film presents the sometimes destructive importance of the figure of technology in the lives of several people. Rustic in its attacks, ‘Disconnect’ is a delight to the viewer who likes a more visceral cinema, elevating a sad story that ends up offering few positive elements about the human siege in the world. A true pearl of 21st century cinema.

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