10 Funniest Movies Ever Made That Gonna Make You Cry of Laughter


2º – Weekend at Bernie’s (Ted Kotcheff, 1989)After accidentally discovering a financial deviation at the institution where they work, two young men are invited by their boss for a weekend at their beach house, unaware that the man was actually involved in the case and intended to kill them. However, by mere work of chance, the boss ends up dying, leaving both with a great dilemma in their hands. ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ is hilarious for his complete lack of meaning in the onslaughts of his plot. A film that succeeds in being funny precisely for its unpretentiousness in constructing its comic scenes.


1º – The Monster (Roberto Benigni, 1994)A man is mistaken for a serial killer, taking his routine at risk without even knowing it. ‘The Monster’ is directed, scripted and starring Roberto Benigni. A film that pleases the simplicity and intelligence of the comic constructions exposed during the course of the film.