10 Forgotten in Time Movies You Need To Watch

We brought in this list great movies that have been getting less and less remembered as we move on time. They are films of consecrated directors, Oscar nominees, odd comedies and works that make the viewer rethink the paths of his life.


10º – The Natural (Barry Levinson, 1984)A strange man comes out of nowhere to mark his name in baseball history in the 1930s. ‘The Natural’ is a drama about overcoming and the nuances of a turbulent life amid a gift that acts both on the positive side the negative.

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9º – The Party (Blake Edwards, 1968)A mix-up of invitations to a party with famous Hollywood names causes an embarrassed Indian actor to be invited. The comedy is hilarious from the first to the last minute, delivering a plot full of exacerbations and clichés characteristic of the genre but which work in a unique way. The film still delivers a memorable performance from the fantastic Peter Sellers.

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