10 Extremely Inspirational Movies That Will Change Everything


9º – Play It Again, Sam (Herbert Ross, 1972)A completely neurotic film critic obsessed with actor Humphrey Bogart faces a real chaos in his life after his wife leaves him. Trying to get back on his feet, the man seeks in the friendship of a couple of friends to overcome his phase and find a new companion. However, not everything happens as planned and hilarious adventures will present themselves to the man’s life. Rare opportunity to watch a movie starring Woody Allen in which he does not direct, ‘Dreams of a Seducer’ is a lost masterpiece of the comedy genre. Intelligent, agile and light, the film provokes laughter in the spectator from the first to the last scene. Everything simply works in this film. Here, we still have the opportunity to see several references to the cinema noir of the 1940s, leaving the fan of the enchanted period. Oh, and as if all this wasn’t enough, the duo Allen and Diane Keaton also make their appearance as protagonists.


8º – The Help (Tate Taylor, 2011)The film concentrates its plot in the 1960s, working with the social aspects of the time, always raising the figure of racism very latent for all exposed characters. The ‘Crossed Stories’ can be light when dealing with complex themes and, even, show strong graphic content. One of the best films with the racism theme of this century.

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