10 Disturbing Movies You Need To Watch

6º – After Lucia (Michel Franco, 2012)

Alejandra changes her city with her father and discovers that her social life in the new place may be more difficult than she imagined. ‘After Lucia’ denounces the incommunicability between parents and children and the consequences of this in the family contour. And more than that, the film still takes an unappealing approach to the dangers of bullying in the reality of the child and the adolescent.

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5º – Bully (Larry Clark, 2001)

Larry Clark has a bold filmography on the exacerbated side of American youth. Here, in ‘Bully’, the director once again delves into the subject and shows the footsteps of an unfit group of young people planning a murder. Everything tries to shock the audience in the film. Sex, violence, family exacerbations and, finally, the execution of crimes end up disturbing those who watch, either by their graphic scenes or, only, by their descriptive content of reality.

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