10 Deeply Emotional Movies To See When You Want More From Cinema

7º – A Monster Calls (J.A. Bayona, 2016)Experiencing a family drama with his sick mother, a victim of cancer, a boy routinely receives the visit of a monster who gives him the most diverse puzzles and stories. ‘A Monster Calls’ is sad in his resolutions, using a gloomy atmosphere, trying to explain to the spectator a series of hidden concepts within the story.


6º – Breaking the Waves (Lars von Trier, 1996)The film tells the turbulent story of a couple of boyfriends, exploring several moments of their lives, bringing positive and negative events. ‘Breaking the Waves’, directed by the controversial Lars von Trier, works with a cruel plot in its resolutions, also sketching the figure of faith that dominates a certain point in the couple’s journey, explaining the concept of sacrifice in one of the individuals.

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