10 Deeply Emotional Movies That Will Change You

3º – Manchester by the Sea (Kenneth Lonergan, 2016)After the death of his brother, a man, wrapped in a self-destructive routine and depressive, is charged with the mission to take care of his teenage nephew. However, little by little, with various fragments of the past of all the characters, we will see why man is in his current state. ‘Manchester by the Sea’ is a beautiful film but does not offer any positive points to its viewer about the lives studied in the plot.


2º – Stepmom (Chris Columbus, 1998)The story follows the nuances between two children and their new stepmother. We will see a whole tangle of situations erupt from the troubled relationship between them, still having as an active part of the story the mother of the children, a woman opposed to the presence of the stepmother in the lives of her children. ‘Stepmom’ is simple, exposing a plot with the traditional endings and clichés. However, the film stands out for the presence of Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon, who give a completely different dynamic to what is proposed.


1º – Little Miss Sunshine (Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, 2006)A dysfunctional family embarks on a journey permeated by setbacks in an attempt to take their young daughter to a beauty pageant in a distant city. A film that works on several instances of the human being, always cherishing to show them to the spectators in the most pleasant way possible.