10 Comedy Movies That Will Make You Forgot About the Problems of Life

7º – Horrible Bosses (Seth Gordon, 2011)Completely disillusioned with their professional realities and their unscrupulous bosses, three men decide to devise a plan to eliminate corporate bosses. ‘Horrible Bosses’ is that typical comedy to watch and forget the problems of our day to day, with a dynamic and always pleasant, provoking good laughs during its 98 minutes.


6º – Anger Management (Peter Segal, 2003)In the plot, a man, after having a rage on an airplane, is sentenced to be part of a group for aggressive behavioral control people. However, the completely misguided instructor of the program will only bring even more problems to the man’s life. ‘Anger Management’ is funny in its arc of scenes and history, but what really gives quality to the film is the positive partnership between the actors Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler, providing the spectator with hilarious moments.

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