10 Comedy Movies That Will Make You Forgot About the Problems of Life

We list comedy movies that will make you forget your problems, with options that have as main character to provoke laughs in your viewer to each exposed scene. They are simpler works in their arc of history, seeking solely to elevate comic situations on their personages or environments. Let’s go to the list!


10º – Hall Pass (Peter and Bobby Farrelly, 2011)In the plot, two middle-aged men, wrapped in marriages already in a period of decline, receive a kind of free pass from their wives to do whatever they want for a week. However, over the course of the week, both will realize that such freedom may be less substantial than they thought. ‘Hall Pass’ is a comedy that provokes laughter for its unpretentiousness, with constructions of scenes that use a humor less worked and extremely simple.


9º – Blind Date (Blake Edwards, 1987)Wrapped in a dull work routine, a man decides to accept a dark date proposed by a member of his family. However, his company turns out to be a completely misfit woman, causing a series of confusions in his life. Dynamic in its attacks, the film combines comedy and adventure, bringing a story that manages to involve its spectator and to cause several laughs. The film also features an uncommon core duo of actors, with the presence of the great Bruce Willis and Kim Basinger.


8º – The Money Pit (Richard Benjamin, 1986)The film brings the story of a young couple who buys a new home to build their lives. The problem is that the house ends up presenting a series of non-existent setbacks in the act of buying, leaving both in a state of complete paranoia. Fun from the first to the last scene, ‘The Money Pit’ delivers to its viewer a compendium of magical scenes, knowing if using the talent of its protagonist, the actor Tom Hanks.

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