10 Claustrophobic Movies About the True Identity of Evil


9º – Dogville (Lars von Trier, 2003)Fleeing from a mobster, a naive woman is accepted with open arms by the residents of a small community. In the place, the woman finds a pleasant and empathetic society, living happy moments. However, nothing is really as it seems, and things will take on a gloomy outline in the relationship between the local residents and the woman. Disturbing, ‘Dogville’, directed by Lars Von Trier, has a completely different aesthetic from what we are used to, exposing constructions of scenes that stimulate the viewer’s creative sense.


8º – Eden Lake (James Watkins, 2008)A couple decides to spend a weekend in the paradise forest of a small town. However, what should be extremely pleasant for both of them, turns out to be a real hell as some local teenagers start a cruel hunt for them. Violent and disturbing, ‘Eden Lake’ is a typical film that we can only watch once, in view of its incredibly scary graphic content. A work that is not suitable for all audiences, but is regularly featured in a general compendium. The actor Michael Fassbender assumes one of the central roles, living a true martyrdom with his character.

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