10 Breathtaking Movies About the Occult

Today we have listed ten ten tense films about the occult side of the world for you to watch. Inserting in the genres of terror and suspense, the works cited below raise plots about what is most confusing about existence and its greatest mysteries, besides having options that also study the supernatural issue contained in the world. It is worth pointing out that all the films remembered are remarkable as great options. Let’s go to the list!


10ยบ – The Sentinel (Michael Winner, 1977)A young woman is looking for a new apartment to live in. Counting on a limited budget, she discovers a small old condominium that seems to be the solution to her problems, quickly moving into the place. The problem is that the place and its unusual neighbors will take away her quietness and part of her sanity. ‘The Sentinel’ uses several of the elements of the classic ‘Rosemary’s Baby’, elevating a gripping story that manages to frighten away because of the atmosphere created by mystery and strangeness. A great choice from the 1970s in the field of terror.

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