10 Breathtaking Movies About the Occult

7º – Hereditary (Ari Aster, 2018)After the death of her elderly mother and in a fragile situation of illness, a woman, married with two teenage children, begins to see the figure of her sad and disturbing past begin to surface again, bringing her life into an inexorable self-destructive routine. A masterpiece of horror cinema and one of the greatest films ever conceived in the genre, ‘Hereditary’ is a film class. A film that leaves the viewer completely in love with what they are watching. Here, we won’t have the traditional ‘jump scares’, everything is built in a natural way, making our experience even more frightening. Of course, it’s still worth mentioning Toni Collette’s unparalleled performance at the head of the protagonist.


6º – The Hidden (Jack Sholder, 1987)Strange crimes are beginning to take the sleep away from LAPD. An unconventional FBI agent is called in to investigate the case alongside a local cop. As investigations progress, the two find themselves involved in a case from another world that will challenge everything they took for granted in the world. A pearl of science fiction from the 1980s, ‘The Hidden’ is unique in its atmosphere construction, proposing a dynamic and constantly changing story, making the experience of those watching even more fun and interesting.


5º – The House That Jack Built (Lars von Trier, 2018)We will follow several years of the life of a cruel serial killer, understanding his destructive way of dealing with the world and with other people. ‘The House That Jack Built’ is undoubtedly not a film for every kind of audience. Its scenes with exaggerated psychological content and graphics are quite disturbing. However, we can say that the work has its interesting moments and a productive script, making the experience of watching it positive.


4º – The Golden Glove (Fatih Akin, 2019)Controversial and disturbing in all its spheres, this film brings the steps of a bizarre serial killer in Germany during the 1970s. Here, Fatih Akin gives us the most subversive film of his already different and wonderful filmography. A film that divides by its unlimited aggressiveness, making the whole story contained in its 115 minutes of duration something secondary.

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