10 Brain-Cracking Movies You Can’t Miss

4º – The Jacket (John Maybury, 2005)A war veteran finds himself at an extreme psychological moment and is admitted to a psychiatric clinic. Instead, the doctors will begin a strange experience that will try to improve the psychological state of the man, without realizing that it will only make everything worse. Mysterious, the film decides to base itself on a sad and gloomy atmosphere for the story, surprising each scene overcome and moving us with the hard journey of the protagonist. The highlight is Adrien Brody’s good performance in leading the film.


3º – Oldboy (Chan-wook Park, 2003)A film responsible for expanding the notoriety of South Korean cinema to the rest of the world, ‘Oldboy’ is not only a landmark for the Korean scene, but for the entire seventh art industry. A new mode of narrative is built by Chan-wook Park, stepping fearlessly into thorny situations, swinging with frenetic direction and editing, fabulous actors and a soundtrack that gives dynamism to the plot.

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