10 Brain-Cracking Movies You Can’t Miss


6º – I’m Thinking of Ending Things (Charlie Kaufman, 2020)A young woman is on her way to her boyfriend’s parents’ house to meet them for the first time. For 134 minutes we will see the departure, the stay in the house of those strange people and return to the woman’s house. Confused and always strange, the film raises an atmosphere of discomfort that hits all the characters and the viewer himself, without ever giving answers to the bizarre events that happen scene by scene. An interesting film that would have been even better if it had had about 20 minutes less.


5º – Midsommar (Ari Aster, 2019)Looking for a Swedish rural festival, a couple decide to enter the reality of a small town. However, the surprises of the place will reserve unpleasant things for them. Visually charming, this different pearl of horror works by disturbing the viewer to the transposed plan, bringing an incredible and always dynamic plot.

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