10 Best Vietnam War Movies To See Right Now

7º – Platoon (Oliver Stone, 1986)Told through the eyes of a young recruit from the Vietnam War, the film gains its substance by showing the exacerbated journey of an American army group. Showing a destructive compendium of humanity, ‘Platoon’ is powerful and disturbing in its unleashing of scenes. A film that leveraged the career of director Oliver Stone, guiding himself as one of the greatest of the sub-genre war.


6º – Full Metal Jacket (Stanley Kubrick, 1987)Divided into two instances, the film brings the process of training a soldier in an army school and, later, these same soldiers fighting in the midst of the Vietnam War. ‘Born To Kill’ brings together all those elements most common to Stanley Kubrick’s cinema, bringing an engaging story, which never chooses sides when working on a complex theme.


5º – Casualties of War (Brian De Palma, 1989)The plot will tell the story of a platoon from the United States, in the Vietnam war, who, despite the contrary insistence of some individuals, decides to go to an enemy village and kidnap a woman from the place. The following barbarities and the useless efforts of a soldier after this will limit the consequences of the film.


4º – Good Morning, Vietnam (Barry Levinson, 1987)A radio broadcaster is summoned by the army to broadcast a daily programme and entertain US troops. Always emanating a light aura when unleashing scenes, ‘Good Morning, Vietnam’, directed by the great Barry Levinson, is a pearl of the 1980s, bringing a frantic Robin Williams on the scene.

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