10 Best Prison Movies of All Time

We’ve listed ten hallucinating films that happen inside prisons. These are films that use the nuances of the interior of a prison to give substance to the events of the plot, with themes that involve revenge, infiltrated policemen, frightening prisons and, already in the field of drama, the power of redemption inserted in the human being. Let’s go to the list!


10º – In Hell (Ringo Lam, 2003)After taking a person’s life in an act of revenge, a man is sent to a dreaded prison to serve his sentence. Instead, he will have to learn how to survive the countless threats, as well as rediscover a meaning to his existence. Protagonized by the Belgian Jean-Claude Van Damme, ‘In Hell’ is rustic in his onslaughts, proposing a little rewarding plot and a tangle of graphically strong scenes. This is a good option for director Ringo Lam’s cinema.


9º – Death Warrant (Deran Sarafian, 1990)A policeman accepts the mission of infiltrating a prison in order to investigate strange deaths in the place. However, what he didn’t expect was that old disagreements would put his life at risk. Dynamic, ‘Death Warrant’ is a great choice for a film with a prison theme. Here, we will have a cool plot, mixed with the traditional classic action scenes of Van Damme’s career.


8º – Prison on Fire (Ringo Lam, 1987)Taking shape inside a prison, the plot brings the relationship of friendship of two prisoners, with their physical and emotional struggles in that unpleasant place. Directed by the good Ringo Lam, this film works with a more cadenced story, counting on a dosed action and focused on the full development in the construction of the central characters.

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